Fitbit Sense Health and Fitness Smartwatch – Lunar White


Fitbit Sense Lunar White, your ultimate companion in achieving your health and fitness goals. This sleek and innovative smartwatch is more than just a timepiece; it’s a holistic wellness device that empowers you to take control of your well-being.

$278.10 $327.16

  1. Health and Wellness Tracking: Fitbit Sense goes beyond traditional fitness tracking. It monitors your heart rate, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your health.
  2. Advanced Stress Management: With EDA (Electrodermal Activity) sensors, this smartwatch helps you manage stress by tracking your body’s response to stressors and guiding you through mindfulness exercises.
  3. Built-In ECG: Detect and monitor heart rhythm irregularities with the on-wrist electrocardiogram feature, providing early detection of potential heart issues.
  4. Skin Temperature Variation: Track changes in your skin temperature during the night to help identify trends that might indicate potential illness.
  5. On-Wrist Voice Assistant: Stay connected and get quick answers with the built-in voice assistant. You can also use voice commands to control smart home devices.
  6. Built for Fitness: Whether you’re into running, swimming, or yoga, Fitbit Sense offers detailed tracking for various workouts, helping you understand your progress and improve your performance.
  7. Sleep Score: Get insights into the quality of your sleep, along with tips to improve your sleep habits for a more restful night.
  8. GPS and Water Resistance: Track your outdoor activities with built-in GPS and rest assured with water resistance up to 50 meters.
  9. Stylish Design: The Fitbit Sense Lunar White is not only functional but also fashionable, with a modern design that suits any outfit or occasion.
  10. Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 6 days of battery life, so you can wear your Sense all day and night without frequent recharging.


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