Edifier Powered Bookshelf Speakers R1280Ts Brown

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The Edifier R1280Ts Brown Bookshelf Speakers will completely change the look and feel of your listening area while providing outstanding audio clarity and depth in a timeless style. These 42W RMS power speakers deliver rich, well-balanced sound for a wide range of musical genres, which makes them ideal for both home theatre setups and music lovers. Your audio sources may be effortlessly connected and controlled from a distance thanks to the practical dual RCA inputs, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote control for flawless operation. The sophisticated wood finish elevates any space and blends in perfectly with both classic and modern décor. It also offers an immersive listening experience that makes your favorite movies and music come to life. The Edifier R1280Ts Brown Bookshelf Speakers revolutionize audio enjoyment with their potent performance and classic aesthetic appeal, making them perfect for home offices, living rooms, or bedrooms.

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